New Insights on Managing Millenials

Firoz PatelMuch has been said about millennials and how they are adjusting to the confines of the traditional workplace and typical 9 to 5 job. From being inspired to create their own models of a new workday to accepting salary cuts for the right company culture, young professionals are changing the face of the workplace. While it is not fair to pigeonhole or make sweeping generalizations about your employees who happen to be of a certain generation (in this case millenials), it’s worth it to familiarize yourself with trends and characteristics common among that demographic – and what it is that they are looking for in their places of employment. Especially when you consider the fact that they will soon make up the majority of the workforce.

What do Millenials Bring to the Table?

They Are Tech Savvy

Considering what it is exactly that defines a generation can be a heady task. However, in the case of millenials, it’s undeniable that their relationship with technology is unlike that of their predecessors. Not only is technology changing faster than it has in the past, but it is becoming widely accessible. Although millennials didn’t necessarily create the technology that is so commonplace today, they did grow up with it. That means that for many members of this generation, there is a facility with certain types of technology that may need to be learned for other generations.

They Believe in Philanthropy And Doing Good

Much has been said about the expectations that millenials have for their workplaces. Millenials as a whole tend to demand workplaces that find ways to give back or provide some sort of work that is philanthropic in nature. Whether that means encouraging that employees participate in marathons in support of a cause or that the company gives a certain percentage of their bottom line away to philanthropic causes, this is clearly something that is very important to this generation. There is some irony in this fact, considering that millenials tend to get stereotyped as being particularly selfish.

They Are Connected

Millenial Workers are valuable for a number of reasons, but one is that they tend to be very connected. They are used to connecting with people online and in a lot of ways that means that they are hyper aware of what their peers are doing. Being constantly plugged into their peers means that they are likely to have insights into people of their age demographic that others might not. This connection to their peers and the world around them is an asset, so make sure that you utilize this.  

There are of course  a number of other factors that define this demographic, and of course there is a lot of variation within the group in terms of who these people are and what they are looking for from their employers. However, from an employer’s standpoint, the above points are important in better understanding this segment of your workforce.

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